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We at Sensible Financial Planning offer a variety of services.

Comprehensive financial planning and education
Retirement planning
Education funding
Insuring Retirement
Protecting your family and financial goals with insurance
In-Retirement income and asset management
Estate and Succession Planning
Executor Advisory Services and Executor Referrals
New home savings plan
Budgeting and debt management
First-time investor planning and education

Life Insurance provides a tax-free lump sum benefit to your designated beneficiaries. The amount depends upon your unique situation and the money can be used by your beneficiaries or estate for any purpose (i.e. leaving a legacy, burial expenses, tax liability, etc.)

Critical Illness Insurance provides a tax-free lump sum benefit to yourself or a beneficiary upon diagnosis of a covered illness. Different plans have unique features, including the ability to receive 100% of your money back if you don’t make a claim.

Disability Insurance provides a monthly income in the case of a disability as defined in the contract. Benefits can last up until age 65 and are generally much more comprehensive than group insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance provides a daily benefit to offset the costs of home-based or nursing home care to those who lose part of their independence due to illness or age. This insurance can protect the value of the person’s estate by offsetting this significant cost. Currently, Long Term Care Insurance is offered as a conversion option on some Critical Illness policies.

Each policy has various riders (Term life Insurance, Children Riders, Disability Rider, etc.) and benefits (Premium Refund, AD&D, etc.) available that can be added.

Any travel outside your home province can be covered for emergency medical and other trip options.

Each type of investment has unique characteristics. Different investment options are suitable to different people, depending on risk tolerance and time frame.

Annuity - Using an insurance company to structure an income payment for a limited time or the rest of my life. Once the annuity is open, the original investment is not accessible.

GICs - Guaranteed Investment Certificates that give a fixed growth rate over a specific time period. Normally there is no access to the funds until the period is up.

Segregated Funds - Insured investment funds that range from savings accounts to Mutual funds style investing.

Mutual Funds - a bundle of investments managed by a professional investment management team.

RRSPs offer tax-deferred investing for retirement through a variety of investment options, as shown above.

TFSA offer a variety of investment options as shown above that do not incur new tax as they grow.

RESPs offer the opportunity to earn a 20% grant on contributions that follow specific rules. This is done through investing in a variety of investment instruments. These funds can be used for any qualifying post-secondary institution in Canada or abroad.

An RDSP can be opened for anyone who qualifies for the disability tax credit. It provides a tax-sheltered investment that is exempt from income and asset testing for government benefit programs. The RDSP Grant matches up to 300% and the Bond may offer additional funds, depending on the household income. Once the beneficiary turns 18, the grant is based on their own income.

A FHSA is a First Home Savings Account.  It is available to anyone who is a Canadian citizen, is over 18 years old and has not owned their own home in the past four calendar years.

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