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Karen Backlun


Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Karen attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 2001 and worked as an Adult Educator in Alberta and abroad for almost 10 years. She moved to Calgary in 2005 and soon pursued her interest in financial planning. Karen is passionate about martial arts, travel, and her family. Throughout the years, Karen had been a financial advisor, she has continued to educate herself to better serve her clients.

Karen has taken the following courses and holds the following degrees, diplomas, and designations:

  • 2001 - Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Minor in Anthropology - University of Alberta
  • 2006 - Investment Funds Course
  • 2006 - Life Licensing Qualifying Program
  • 2013 - Financial Planning Diploma - Mount Royal University
  • 2014 - Certified Financial Planner
  • 2016 - ETF Course
  • 2018 - Certified Executor Advisor

Additionally, Karen is a member of 3 professional organizations. The FP Canada™ regulates the CFP® in Canada, Advocis, which focuses on financial education for advisors and the public and the Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors, who provide a wealth of knowledge to executors. Each organization has its own standards of conduct as well as educational requirements to stay in good standing each year.


Jennifer Wood


Jennifer is the Office Manager. She had done extensive work in a variety of high-level administrative roles, as well as working as an ESL teacher and running her own business. Jennifer is a mom to two boys who love to play a variety of sports. She completed her University degree at the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Management in 2000. She, her husband and boys enjoy traveling and she lived in Taiwan for 4 years in 2002 and in Europe for a year in 2012. Currently, she is enjoying life in Calgary with her family.


Amanda Morin


Amanda is the Administrator for our office. She completed a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta. Amanda has taught high school science in Calgary and currently does virtual science field trips for schools. She is a mom to 2 children who enjoy various extra curricular activities. Currently she enjoys spending time with her family either cheering her kids on or spending time camping and hiking.





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