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Charitable Giving

We are so excited to launch this program with Sensible Financial Planning Ltd.  This is an annual program and we want you to let us know who we should donate to.


We want to include our clients in our Charitable giving.  Every year we will accept nominations for local charities that are important to our clients.   Once we have collected nominations, we will confirm the charitable status of the organization and we will share them on our website and with our partners.  


- It is a registered Charity
- It has impacted your life and/or your community


- The name of the organization
- Why you are nominating it
- Whether we are allowed to disclose your name with the nomination (You can choose to nominate the organization anonymously)


- Send us an email
- Tell us in person or on the phone
- Leave a voicemail

Charitable Giving 2023 Nominations

  1. Regina Early Learning Centre: Why they have been nominated: They have been operating in Regina for more than 42 years as a child development centre that wraps supports around family units. They offer a variety of programs and services, some of which focus on serving more vulnerable populations and some which are available universally to the community. They have been a leader in early childhood practices in the province and model the necessity of partnership with parents and caregivers.  They also provide connections and referrals to outside agencies when appropriate. Website:
  2. Sidney Lions Food Bank: Why they were nominated: So many have lost jobs or have been on short hours that this was the best place to offer some help to society in these trying times.Website:
  3. KidSport Okotoks: Why they have been nominated: KidSport gives funding for lower income families so that their child can participate in sports. Expenses are rising for families and sport is such an important role to help a child grow and learn.  Website:
  4. HOPE Mission: Why they have been nominated: These people use volunteers, no one gets rich.  We donate to this organization.  Thousands of people that are helped by this organization, the meals, and lunches they give to children make a big impact on them.  Hope Mission Calgary is well respected and are active across Calgary. Website:
  5. Calgary Performing and Visual Art Foundation: Why they were nominated: This foundation supports students in the Performing and visual arts program at Central Memorial High School. Allowing students to pursue their passion in the arts. Provides students from across Calgary the opportunity to develop skills, deepen their knowledge and discover their voice through the arts. Giving students a foundation to transition to a career or post-secondary studies. Website:
  6. STARS ambulance – Saskatchewan: Why they were nominated: STARS is funded by our allies – generous individuals, organizations, businesses, event partners and governments – who share our passion for ensuring the delivery of critical care, anywhere. Since our first mission in 1985, our allies have enabled us to provide care where and when we're needed most. Website:
  7. Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids: Why they have been nominated: Brown Bagging for Calgary’s kids invites and empowers people to work together to feed and care for these kids, so they can grow up to reach their potential.? Our Vision:? A future where communities ensure no kids go hungry. Website:

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